Learn to play your favorite songs with TranscriberTrack

March 7, 2017

For a couple of months now, Soundtoolz.com has been selling TranscriberTrack, a Windows and Mac app developed by Springbeats that facilitates the work of musicians wishing to learn and transcribe their favorite songs.

It lets you load any song you like by simply dragging the file onto the app:


You can then use the integrated 8-band EQ to emphasize the instrument you want to listen to specifically:


Record yourself while looping on a specific section:

demo3 Tapping the tempo lets you align the loop on the song’s bars.

Slow it down while keeping the correct pitch and record yourself at lower speed:

demo4 Speeding the playback back up also adapts the speed of your recorded performance.

Apply VSTs to your recorded track to match the original performance:


You can try and purchase it online from the official website, have a look!

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